Resiliency Room

"We don't have one resiliency room, we have 21"

Although we are acutely aware that resiliency building is not something that can happen in a vacuum, we feel there is a need to provide a central place within our school where kids can go as an outlet when things get too heavy in class or around campus. We are calling this our Resiliency Room.

We provide a calm, welcoming environment in the Resiliency Room. We have one staff member to coordinate the room who works closely with referred students to identify the "stories behind their stories." The aim is to get them back to class as quickly and successfully as possible. A number of sensory elements are built into the room design, and we are working to continually improve the service provision element of the space.

Resiliency Room Objectives:
  • Foster resiliency within students struggling with a variety of social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties.
  • Create a safe and caring environment designed for students to pro-actively learn the skills needed to reflect and create solutions allowing successful functioning in their grade level classroom.
Action Plan:
  • Identify and profile students with lagging skills in the areas of social, emotional, and behavioural development as outlined by Dr. Ross Greene’s “Inventory of Lagging Skills
  • Work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to design a solution focused plan that addresses both the teacher’s and student’s concerns.
  • Allow students to self-advocate and access the resiliency room as needed with a strategic focus on re-entry into the classroom.
  • Provide close supervision and a safe environment as they de-escalate and reflect.
  • Provide necessary sensory stimulation for students to aid in de-escalation and stress reduction
  • Provide practical and effective strategies for successful re-entry into the classroom through social skills coaching and modeling.
  • Work with small groups of students within the resiliency space to provide social skills instruction to students with common lagging skills.

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