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At Glendale School we encourage students to learn in different contexts. As a kindergarten to eighth grade school we don't have to navigate the transition from elementary school to middle school. Having our students in the same learning environment for nine years provides us with countless opportunities to nurture an authentic sense of belonging and purpose, and we are able to create opportunities for kids to learn from each other in a cross-graded context.

Each class within our school is paired with a collaborative grade partner (CGP's) class from a different grade. CGP's work together on a variety of projects and inquiry-based activities:
  • Each CGP plans a monthly, themed school assembly 
  • Each CGP meets regularly to teach and learn together (e.g. buddy reading, shared use of technology, Twitter partners, blog partners, physical activities, special occasion events...)
  • Coordinating teachers within each CGP plan and coordinate teaching and learning activities for their students
In the context of our Empathy ReBoot Project CGP teachers and students are busy working on ideas providing opportunities for their students to teach and learn about empathy. Ideas running amok so far are:
  •  The production of life-size vinyl prints displaying scenes of empathy in action with QR code links to video vignettes that extend the still scene to exemplify the empathy element in a more comprehensive way
  • The production of new banners to be hung from the ceiling in our hallways with common language messages around empathy and how to make it grow
  •  Glendale Peace Keepers... peer to peer mediators trained how to notice issues outside, focus on the problem, mull it over and engage it in appropriate ways
  • Book publishing project designing buddy reading books in-house with level appropriate text on opposing pages for kids to read together about  (among other things) empathy
  • CGP's are brainstorming ideas to learn about those less fortunate from within, and outside our school
We're just getting started, so stay tuned to this blog for more great stuff from the students of Glendale Sciences and Technology School!

If you'r interested in collaborating with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch...
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