Morphic Resonance...

-Christine Mason Miller

morphic resonance [ˈmɔːfɪk]
(Life Sciences; Allied Applications / Biology) the idea that, through a telepathic effect or sympathetic vibration, an event or act can lead to similar events or acts in the future or an idea conceived in one mind can then arise in another...
So here we are embarking on an exciting teaching and learning journey called the Empathy ReBoot Project. Collectively at Glendale Sciences and Technology School, we are committed to re-booting empathy at our school. We know empathy exists within our school, but we also know that it needs to grow. We intend for our school to operate from a foundation of empathy so that every action, every interaction and every intervention is grounded in an empathic perspective. We're counting on the principle of morphic resonance to make that happen.

Good, effective leaders don't exude power, they exude character, morality, humanity and collaboration... the sort of stuff that rubs-off on folk without them even realizing it. Understanding morphic resonance makes leading people exponentially more efficient and effective because it moves leadership from transactional control to transformational collaboration... leaders working among their people as opposed to above them. We characterize every member of our school family as a potential leader... staff, students, parents and significant supportive community members. We believe in the power of a leaderful organization. Our Empathy ReBoot Project path will lead us toward a reality that exemplifies everyone within our school as individuals who exemplify empathy in their leadership... they will learn how to lead by example.

Nurturing morphic resonance is the ultimate version of leading by example. The function of leaders is to lead, but people need to follow if leadership is to resonate. Morphic resonance is a concept that applies to all forms of leadership... it's what happens when effective leaders tip their leadership so others are inclined to follow. In the context of our Empathy ReBoot Project, morphic resonance is what we will feel when our leadership has evolved from a form of control to a form of influence. Empathy is the character element we will tacitly feel at our school because everyone will be displaying their empathic nature in a positive school culture where every member of the organization is attuned to the same philosophical and systematic principles surrounding empathy.

Morphic means having a specified shape or form. Resonance means having a lasting presence or effect; an enduring entity. As educational leaders, every staff member, student, parent and significant community member within our school family will be counted on to display their empathic skills, and more importantly through their example, to lead the emergence and endurance of empathy in the practice of others.

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